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changes to support host UNDEFINED_HOSTNAME sceniaro
[JBWS-3630]:Add httpcomponets module with slot 'asyncclient'
- Removing dependency to unix4j and adding custom classes for SED processing

- Adding SED testcase

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[JBWS-3630]:Add http asynclient.jar in the binary distribution
[JBWS-3630]:exclude cxf-rt-transports-http-hc.jar from module.xml
Reduce dependency to unix4j-base only, importing/forking echo and sed commands only

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[JBWS-3630]:Add more test cases
Misc minor changes (making some fields final, removing unused / deprecated code)

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[JBWS-3796] Perform injections once on handlers and prevent concurrency issues

[JBWS-3630]:Add dependency to enable http async client conduit
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Fixing error in testcase

Adding file likely forgotten by rsearls in previous commit

added support for unix4j SED utility
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Enriching testcase

support for code-first soap address rewrite
[JBWS-3686] Moving to released CXF 3.0.0 version

Fixing compilation error + using proper WSDLGetInterceptor.DOCUMENT_HOLDER key to store the document in the Message for later retrieval in WSDLGetOutInterceptor

replace WSDLGetInterceptor with jbossws's WSDLSoapAddressRewriteInterceptor
[JBWS-3779] WIP

[JBWS-3779] WIP

[JBWS-3779] WIP

[JBWS-3779] WIP

[JBWS-3779] WIP

Misc minor improvements / fixes / warning removal

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Removing classes not used anymore

[JBWS-3750] minor update to test
[JBWS-3750] added param to rewriteSoapAddress call
[JBWS-3750] added url path substitution in rewriteSoapAddress
Removing few useless / not used anymore interfaces, making URLLoaderAdapter thread-safe, removing deprecated method in InvocationHandlerFactory