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Fixing pom.xml

Tagging jbossws-common-2.3.0.Beta2

fixing scm too

Fixing pom

Tagging jbossws-common 2.3.0.Beta1

Tagging jbossws-common-1.1.0.SP11

Fixing pom.xml

Tagging jbossws-common-2.2.3.Final

fixing pom.xml

Tagging jbossws-common-2.2.2.Final

Fixing pom

Tagging jbossws-common-2.2.1.Final

Updating pom.xml

Tagging jbossws-common-2.2.0.Final

Tagging jbossws-common 2.1.3.Final

Tagging jbossws-common-2.1.2.Final

Tagging jbossws-common-2.2.0.CR1

Tagging jbossws-common-2.2.0.Beta1

Update to release version
Tag jbossws-common-2.2.0.Alpha1
Tagging jbossws-common-2.1.1.Final

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Renaming (fixing) tag

Tagging jbossws-common-2.2.1.CR1

tagging JBossWS Common 2.1.1.Beta1
Correct the version to 1.1.0.SP10
Tag jbossws-common-1.1.0.SP10
[JBWS-3558] Tagging jbossws-common-2.1.0.Final

tagging JBossWS Common 2.1.0.CR1
tagging JBossWS Common 2.1.0.Beta3