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[JBWS-3911] Validate value of wsdl-path-rewrite-rule when setting it

Fix indentation

[JBWS-3877] EndpointRegistry cleanup

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[JBWS-3797]:Return the defaultHost alias
[JBWS-3797]:Compute host and port with virtualHost value from @WebContext in EndpointAddressDeploymentAspect
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[JBWS-3785] Also update MBean view

[JBWS-3785][JBWS-3805]:Revert the previous change;only provide option to force change the soap address uri scheme
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[JBWS-3785]:Add option for forcing https protocol when rewriting soap:addres in WSDL
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[JBWS-3750] integration of WebServicePathRewriteRule
[JBWS-3733]:Allow enabling/disabling endpoint metrics
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Misc minor improvements / fixes / warning removal

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[JBWS-3772] Fixing default value

[JBWS-3756] Add permission checks to sensitive public static methods

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Revisit AbstractServerConfig.getServerIntegrationServerConfig() and use [JBWS-3755] mechanism for knowing when to set the static reference

[JBWS-3755] Protect AbstractServerConfig.getServerIntegrationServerConfig() with ClassLoaderProvider.isSet()

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[JBWS-3747] Use System.nanoTime() instead of System.currentTimeMillis()

[JBWS-3742] Prevent / by 0

[JBWS-3742] Making EndpointMetricsImpl thread-safe and pruning useless stuff in it

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- [JBWS-3708] Removing client/endpoint config stuff from AbstractServerConfigMBean (it was not working properly anyway and the JMX management approach is not suggested for these things)

- Removing a useless objectname

Misc concurrency issue prevention from ThreadSafe analysis

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[JBWS-3728] Adding callback handler mechanism to setters

[JBWS-3712] Redo IPv6 URL format conversion, perform validation on provided host name and add a bunch of tests

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[JBWS-3652]:Refactor a bit
[JBWS-3652]:AbstractServerConfig.toIPv6URLFormat should not add brackets to IPv6 hostname
[JBWS-3684] Making AbstractServerConfig more thread safe

[JBWS-3671] Cleanup the server integration classloader' service config reference as a new server config can be created due to a server reload

[JBWS-3644] Using new method

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[JBWS-3647] Client/EndpointConfig in ServerConfig should be fully thread-safe lists

[JBWS-3576] Centralize ServerConfig retrieval into AbstractServerConfig

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