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prepare for next dev. cycle
prepare for tagging JBossWS Common 2.1.0.CR1
[JBWS-3550] removing useless classes - svn merge -r 16755:16756 https://svn.jboss.org/repos/jbossws/common/branches/ropalka_JBWS-3550
[JBWS-3509] Converting JBossWS-Common to latest JBoss Logging...

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[JBWS-3544]:xsd:import not working in WSDLs if EJB WebService deployed in EAR
Few minor changes on collections creation

Moving to latest jbossws-spi snapshot

- [JBWS-3545] Wrap ClientConfig and EndpointConfig lists into synchronized ones

- set initial size for arraylists above to reduce memory footprint (default is 10 and it's really too much here)

prepare for next dev. cycle
prepare for tagging
[JBWS-3540] Allow passing in explicit expected location for schemas

[JBWS-3529] Methods for setting up client config properties

Preparing for next dev cycle

Preparing for tagging

[JBWS-3426] protected EndpointLifecycleDeploymentAspect::getLifecycleHandler

[JBWS-3335] Synch with latest jbossws-api

[JBWS-3335] Allow client configuration change by cleaning up config handlers before setting a handlers from another config

[JBWS-3335] Adding ConfigDelegateHandler and a specific comparator to allow PRE/POST handlers' sorting

Preparing for next dev cycle

Preparing for tagging

Use latest parent

[JBWS-3335] Adding client configs to server config

[JBWS-3505] Making a method public to reduce duplicated code in cxf stack

[JBWS-3505] Adding common facility for dealing with client/endpoint configurations

  1. ./src/main/java/org/jboss/ws/common/configuration
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Move to more recent jboss-logging-spi and jboss-common-core provided dependencies

use up2date JBossWS parent version
[JBWS-3491] prevent concurrent modification exceptions in default endpoint registry

  1. ./src/test/java/org/jboss/test/ws/common/management
Reducing log level for wrong ip addresses

[JBWS-3488] fixing schema imports to paths with spaces

[JBWS-3471] removing MTOM/XOP support