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[JBWS-3652]:AbstractServerConfig.toIPv6URLFormat should not add brackets to IPv6 hostname
[JBWS-3694] CopyJob fix & improvement

[JBWS-3684] Making AbstractServerConfig more thread safe

[JBWS-3666] Adding workaround profile for m2e issue (thanks Petr Sakar)

Preparing for next dev cycle

[JBWS-3671] Cleanup the server integration classloader' service config reference as a new server config can be created due to a server reload

[JBWS-3669] Use getResourceAsStream from ModuleClassLoader

Adding privileged block for getting TCCL

[JBWS-3660]:Simply return if the Endpoint is already stopped
[JBWS-3655]:Enalbe ResourceReolve to resolve resource from classloader
[JBWS-3654]:synchronized assertEndpointSetterAccess() too
[JBWS-3654]:Fix intermittent failure in EndpointPublishTestCase
Go ahead with dev

Preparing for tagging jbossws-common-2.2.0.CR1

Removing legacy test

Removing @Deprecated method since 4.1.1.Final

Removing class deprecated since 4.1.0.Final

[JBWS-3644] Using new method

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[JBWS-3647] Client/EndpointConfig in ServerConfig should be fully thread-safe lists

Go ahead with dev

Preparing for tagging

Minor tuning

[JBWS-3524]:Update the Parser
[JBWS-3603] Minor update

Minor synch/update in dep version

Use latest spi

[maintenance-branch] :prepare release jbossws-common-2.1.x
[maintenance-branch] :prepare branch jbossws-common-2.1.x
[JBWS-3573] More minor fixes...

[JBWS-3551] Impl failsafe methods

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