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[JBWS-3769] Adding utility method

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[JBWS-3756] Add permission checks to sensitive public static methods

Revisit AbstractServerConfig.getServerIntegrationServerConfig() and use [JBWS-3755] mechanism for knowing when to set the static reference

[JBWS-3755] Protect AbstractServerConfig.getServerIntegrationServerConfig() with ClassLoaderProvider.isSet()

rollback previous commit
prepare for JSR-236 support - exposing current msg context retrieval method
[JBWS-3747] Use System.nanoTime() instead of System.currentTimeMillis()

[JBWS-3742] Prevent / by 0

[JBWS-3742] Making EndpointMetricsImpl thread-safe and pruning useless stuff in it

Use latest spi snapshot

Making few fields final

- [JBWS-3708] Removing client/endpoint config stuff from AbstractServerConfigMBean (it was not working properly anyway and the JMX management approach is not suggested for these things)

- Removing a useless objectname

Better fix

Fixing previous commit

Misc concurrency issue prevention from ThreadSafe analysis

Moving to 2.3.0-SNAPSHOT

[JBWS-3728] Adding callback handler mechanism to setters

[JBWS-3664] Updating api versions

[JBWS-3676] Applying patch from Paul to remove ejb3 api dependency

Preparing for next dev cycle

[JBWS-3720] Adding SOAPConfigDelegateHandler

Preparing for next dev cycle

[JBWS-3712] Redo IPv6 URL format conversion, perform validation on provided host name and add a bunch of tests

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Use latest released spi in common, fine for now.

Moving to next dev cycle

[JBWS-3652]:Refactor a bit
[JBWS-3652]:AbstractServerConfig.toIPv6URLFormat should not add brackets to IPv6 hostname
[JBWS-3694] CopyJob fix & improvement

[JBWS-3684] Making AbstractServerConfig more thread safe