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[JBWS-3809] refactored urlPattern code into a new util class.
[JBWS-3804]:Remove unused EndpointLifecycleDeploymentAspect
[JBWS-3733]:Remove EndpointMetricsDeploymentAspect
[JBWS-3733] Revert changes in rev. 18721

[JBWS-3733]:Temporarily restore EndpointMetricsDeploymentAspect to fix AS8.x build; Look at if we need to move this DA function in EndpointService later
[JBWS-3733]:Allow enabling/disabling endpoint metrics
[JBWS-3793] More cleanup

[JBWS-3733]:Allow enabling/disabling endpoint metrics
[JBWS-3779] WIP

Misc minor improvements / fixes / warning removal

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Build to 3.0.0-SNAPSHOT

Moving to next dev cycle

[JBWS-3772] Fixing default value

[JBWS-3769] Proper deal with carriage returns

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[JBWS-3769] Adding utility method

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[JBWS-3756] Add permission checks to sensitive public static methods

Revisit AbstractServerConfig.getServerIntegrationServerConfig() and use [JBWS-3755] mechanism for knowing when to set the static reference

[JBWS-3755] Protect AbstractServerConfig.getServerIntegrationServerConfig() with ClassLoaderProvider.isSet()

rollback previous commit
prepare for JSR-236 support - exposing current msg context retrieval method
[JBWS-3747] Use System.nanoTime() instead of System.currentTimeMillis()

[JBWS-3742] Prevent / by 0

[JBWS-3742] Making EndpointMetricsImpl thread-safe and pruning useless stuff in it

Use latest spi snapshot

Making few fields final

- [JBWS-3708] Removing client/endpoint config stuff from AbstractServerConfigMBean (it was not working properly anyway and the JMX management approach is not suggested for these things)

- Removing a useless objectname

Better fix

Fixing previous commit

Misc concurrency issue prevention from ThreadSafe analysis