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[JBWS-3877] EndpointRegistry cleanup

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[JBWS-3846] Providing facilities for resolving configuration for a given endpoint

[JBWS-3872] Removing classes not needed anymore

[JBWS-3872] Drop JBoss(WS)EntityResolver

[JBWS-3871] Remove dependency on org.jboss:jboss-common-core (my copying the few required classes...)

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[JBWS-3797]:Return the defaultHost alias
[JBWS-3797]:Compute host and port with virtualHost value from @WebContext in EndpointAddressDeploymentAspect
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[JBWS-3848] Restore ConfigDelegateHandlerComparator

[JBWS-3851] checking for https for schema imports
[JBWS-3848] Removing classes not used anymore

[JBWS-3792] added patch code from jira
[JBWS-3827] Added check for https handling in method, publishWsdlImports
[JBWS-3836] Also support default client config files when using ClientConfigurer API

[JBWS-3805] Move metadata creation earlier in the DA chain and use it in EndpointAddressDA too

[JBWS-3785] Also update MBean view

[JBWS-3785][JBWS-3805]:Revert the previous change;only provide option to force change the soap address uri scheme
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[JBWS-3805]:Add property to force the address uri scheme
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[JBWS-3785]:Add option for forcing https protocol when rewriting soap:addres in WSDL
[JBWS-3750] integration of WebServicePathRewriteRule
Adding missing header

[JBWS-3809] refactored urlPattern code into a new util class.
[JBWS-3804]:Remove unused EndpointLifecycleDeploymentAspect
[JBWS-3733]:Remove EndpointMetricsDeploymentAspect
[JBWS-3733] Revert changes in rev. 18721

[JBWS-3733]:Temporarily restore EndpointMetricsDeploymentAspect to fix AS8.x build; Look at if we need to move this DA function in EndpointService later
[JBWS-3733]:Allow enabling/disabling endpoint metrics
[JBWS-3793] More cleanup

[JBWS-3733]:Allow enabling/disabling endpoint metrics
[JBWS-3779] WIP