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[JBWS-3679]:Back port fix to AS712
[JBWS-3677]:Fix ASIL 712
[JBWS-3660] Always stop endpoint through lifecycle handler

[JBWS-3659] Removing JBWS-3441 hack and setting InvocationHandler using an additional DA

[JBWS-3601] Porting WFLY-1667 fix to AS 7.1.2 ASIL

[JBWS-3524]:fix the jboss712 IL
[JBWS-3611]:fix the jboss712 IL and upgrade the spi and common
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[JBWS-3568] endpoint short name is derived from URL pattern
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[JBWS-3551] Impl failsafe methods

[JBWS-3565] WS ref optimization
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[JBWS-3426] Fixing ASIL 712

Minor synch

[AS7-5784] Porting fix to AS712 ASIL

[JBWS-3484] refactoring AS 712 integration layer
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  2. ./main/java/org/jboss/as/webservices/deployers
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