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Preparing for next dev cycle

Preparing for tagging jbossws-framework-3.1.2.SP14

Preapre for next release cycle
Correct the prepare versoin number jbossws-framework-3.1.2.SP13
Prepare the tag for jbossws-framework-3.1.2.SP12
prepare for next dev. cycle
Preparing for tagging jbossws-framework-3.1.2.SP12
Prepare for next dev cycle

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Preparing for tagging jbossws-framework-3.1.2.SP11

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  • CR-6
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[JBPAPP-8917] fix JDK7 compilation issues
Use jboss-common-core instead of legacy jboss-common

[JBPAPP-4704] configuring maven compiler plugin to use UTF-8 when compiling sources
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[JBPAPP-3267] Also move framework to junit 3.8.2

Use snapshots

[JBPAPP-4162] Moving to jbossws-parent 1.0.6.GA

[JBPAPP-3386] removing obsolete jboss.local.repository support
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Updating pom.xml

Back to snapshots

[JBWS-2663] Preparing for tagging 3.1.2.SP2

Fixing versions

Recreating 3.1.2 branch

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[JBWS-2641] Tagging jbossws-framework-3.1.2.GA

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[JBWS-2641] Preparing for tagging

Fixing pom.xml

[JBWS-2641] : copy for branch jbossws-framework-3.1.2
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