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[JBWS-3908] Tentative fix for restoring automatic generation of errata files

Change profile to wildfly9-secmgr
Add secmgr to maven profile
Enable security manager for CXF-CORE-AS-9.0.0-SECMGR job
Run WFLY 8.x jobs with JDK7 and WFLY 9.x or greater jobs with JDK8

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Update wfly900 version
Updating wfly900 version

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Fixing TEST_OPTS to use latest additions...

More IPv6 jobs.More IPv6 jobs...

  1. ./trunk/hudson-home/jobs/CXF-CORE-AS-8.1.0-IPV6
  2. ./trunk/hudson-home/jobs/CXF-CORE-AS-9.0.0-IPV6
  3. ./trunk/hudson-home/jobs/CXF-CORE-AS-8.2.0-IPV6
Try adding a job using IPv6

  1. ./trunk/hudson-home/jobs/CXF-CORE-AS-8.0.0-IPV6
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Properly clean up sources (also clean stuff in cxf-spring-tests)

Workaround [WFLY-4215] issue when building WildFly 8.2.0.Final

[JBWS-3859] Adding Hudson jobs (to arquillian branch as this will soon replace the trunk)

Fixing jobs to use new build commands

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Fix hudson download location

Removing useless jobs

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Change version

Branching for creating a hudson instance to verify the 'arquillian' jbws-cxf branch

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Updating wfly version

[JBWS-3806] Use WFLY 'dist' distribution instead of 'build' one

Updating QA box address

Adding jim.ma user

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Use WildFly 8.1.0.Final instead of CR2

[JBWS-3780] Removing AS720 hudson jobs

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