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Preparing for next dev cycle

Tagging jbossws-parent 1.2.0.Final

Preparing for tagging jbossws-parent 1.2.0.Final

Prepare to next dev cycle

Tagging jbossws-parent 1.2.0.CR1

Preparing for tagging

Move to 1.2.0-SNAPSHOT and enfore Java 1.7 and Maven 3.2.2 requirements

Move to maven-assembly-plugin 2.5.3

Updating maven-resources-plugin and maven-surefire-plugin

Move to maven-dependency-plugin 2.8 version

[JBWS-3860] Require JDK 1.7+ for building JBossWS

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Fixing scm elements

Preparing for next dev cycle

Tagging 1.1.0.GA

Preparing for tagging 1.1.0.GA

Moving to maven compiler plugin 2.4

introducing new JBossWS trunk version
[JBPAPP-8917] fix JDK7 compilation issues
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[JBWS-3480] Updating maven plugin versions

Updating pom.xml

Preparing for next dev cycle

Tagging jbossws-parent-1.0.10.GA

[JBWS-3382] Require maven-assembly-plugin 2.2-beta-5 and at least maven 2.2.1

Fixing pom.xml

Tagging jbossws-parent-1.0.10.Alpha2

  1. ./parent/tags/jbossws-parent-1.0.10.Alpha2
Added properties and resources configuration
prepare for next dev cycle
releasing JBossWS parent 1.0.10.Alpha1
  1. ./parent/tags/jbossws-parent-1.0.10.Alpha1
prepare for release