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[JBWS-3910] Set accessExternalSchema property and run wsconsume plugin in fork mode to avoid issue with JDK8

Preparing for next dev cycle

Prepare for next dev cycle

Tagging jaxws-codefirst-1.1.0.Final maven archetype

Preparing for tagging

Use latest components

Tagging jaxws-tools maven plugin 1.2.0.Final

  1. ./maven/jaxws-tools/tags/jaxws-tools-1.2.0.Final
Fix versions

Preparing for tagging

Use latest components

Setting svn:ignore

Fixing pom.xml

Tagging resource-filter-1.0.0.Beta2

Allow overriding maven project properties with system properties

Fixing pom.xml

Tagging jaxws-codefirst-1.1.0.Beta1 archetype

[JBWS-3617] Bump to 1.1.0-SNAPSHOT and use latest parent

[JBWS-3617] Updating descriptors to use jbossws-cxf 5.0.0.Beta2 and jaxws-tools-maven-plugin 1.2.0.Beta1 (so that we can also cut a beta release of the archetype using jbws 5)

Fixing pom.xml

Tagging jaxws-tools-1.2.0.Beta1

  1. ./maven/jaxws-tools/tags/jaxws-tools-1.2.0.Beta1
[JBWS-3824] Removing useless class

[JBWS-3824] Misc fixes/improvements:

* Fix indentation

* Remove unused methods

* Properly concatenate strings using StringBuilder

* Create temp file in dedicated output directory

[JBWS-3893] Fix deprecated "@parameter expression" usage

[JBWS-3829] Also use latest parent

[JBWS-3892] Change artifactId to "jaxws-tools-maven-plugin"

[JBWS-3829] Move plugin to JBossWS 5

Update to maven-compiler-plugin 2.4 and build using JDK 1.7+

Fix typo

Fixing pom

Tagging 1.0.0.Beta1

Move out of snapshots for jbossws-common-tools