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[BZ1025385]:Fix JBWS1807TestCase
Preparing for next dev cycle

Tagging jbossws-shared-testsuite 4.1.3.Final

  1. ./tags/jbossws-shared-testsuite-4.1.3.Final
Preparing for tagging jbossws-shared-testsuite 4.1.3.Final

Merging rev 17627 shared-testsuite changes from upstream jbossws-cxf stack

Updating testcase for [JBWS-3653]

Adding info on how to merge stuff from shared testsuite in jbws-cxf upstream

Merging commit 17619 from jbossws-cxf stack upstream; do not set system properties on tests run concurrently! (that sys prop change is actually not even needed anymore)

[BZ-927881] Synch with upstream

[BZ927884] Synch with upstream

[BZ-927881]:Workaround to add more tries to get connection
[JBWS-3636] Removing jbossws-shared-testsuite

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Tagging jbossws-shared-testsuite 4.2.0.Beta1

  1. ./tags/jbossws-shared-testsuite-4.2.0.Beta1
Preparing for tagging

Fixing binary distro

Fixing binary distro to use new WildFly jar names

[BZ927884]:Add more timeout value for the thread join
[BZ927558]:Workaround to fix the test failure only happens with IBM JDK6
[JBWS-3627] JBoss AS -> WildFly

Minor update to know what the exception is
Minor update:refactor the test to get the exception info
BZ 956636 - more details in fail message
[JBWS-3623] Adding workaround...

Removing unrequired module dependency

Move to use servlet api 3.1 on AS8 in bin distro

Fixing MemoryBufferRecorderTestCase to ask for proper client host records (related to Undertow integration in AS8)

JBWS1582TestCase erroneusly assumes HTTP 1.1 responses for HTTP 1.0 requests

[JBWS-3618] Fixing binary distro too

Few improvements on AppclientHelper to help diagnose deployment issues