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[JBWS-3636] Removing jbossws-shared-testsuite

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Preparing for tagging

Fixing binary distro

Fixing binary distro to use new WildFly jar names

[JBWS-3627] JBoss AS -> WildFly

[JBWS-3623] Adding workaround...

Removing unrequired module dependency

Move to use servlet api 3.1 on AS8 in bin distro

Fixing MemoryBufferRecorderTestCase to ask for proper client host records (related to Undertow integration in AS8)

JBWS1582TestCase erroneusly assumes HTTP 1.1 responses for HTTP 1.0 requests

[JBWS-3618] Fixing binary distro too

Few improvements on AppclientHelper to help diagnose deployment issues

[JBWS-3608]:Fix the JBWS1702TestCase failure on IBM JDK7
Adding few NPE checks on AppclientHelper to avoid hiding other exceptional conditions that led to premature undeploy..

[JBWS-3606]:Use package name to identify the stack
Remove the non-existing port name to fix the hudson regression failure
Use ejb3 api 3.2

Fixing hudson regression on binary distro

Use ejb3 api 3.2

AS8 moved to annotations api 1.2

Go ahead with dev...

Preparing for tagging

[JBWS-3603] Further tests

[JBWS-3600] Adding jboss800 target, removing jboss711

Fixing testcase as a consequence of AS7-6476 changes (missing-method-permission-deny-access default true)

Minor enhancement to the "complex" sample to also include INOUT parameters (jaxws Holder)

Further changes related to AS7-6344 to fix binary distribution testsuite

[JBWS-3592] Adding testcase

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