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[JBWS-3636] Removing jbossws-shared-testsuite

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Fixing binary distro

Fixing binary distro to use new WildFly jar names

[JBWS-3627] JBoss AS -> WildFly

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Move to use servlet api 3.1 on AS8 in bin distro

[JBWS-3618] Fixing binary distro too

Use ejb3 api 3.2

Fixing hudson regression on binary distro

Use ejb3 api 3.2

AS8 moved to annotations api 1.2

[JBWS-3600] Adding jboss800 target, removing jboss711

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Further changes related to AS7-6344 to fix binary distribution testsuite

removing AS 710 support, adding AS 713 support
[JBWS-3405] Adding joda-time jar to bin distro client classpath

[JBWS-3405][JBWS-3446] Adding client.keystore and modifying truststore to allow for SSL mutual authentication scenarios (https client auth on server side)

[JBWS-3484] fixing test suite build.xml
Removing native wsse sys props from bin dist testsuite runs, as those tests have been removed while putting native stack in EOL

[JBWS-3446] Allow setting https connector requirement through JBossWSTestHelper/Setup + setting client sysprops and copying stores for bindist testsuite

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Fixing AS 7.2 regression due to remoting-jmx module relocation

[JBWS-3499] removing JAXR, Apache Scout & Apache JUDDi dependency
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[JBWS-3494] implementing AS720 support, dropping AS70x support
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[JBWS-3493] Fixing binary distro classpath

[JBWS-3473] Removing explicit native-core dependencies in ant build-testsuite; the native core dependency is coming from the stack configuration only now

Adding default native version specification in binary distro testsuite build for 712 target too

[JBWS-3461] removing project generator
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[JBWS-3454] Fixing issues with test username/pwd (a leftover typo in build-testuite.xml and an issue with Maven 2.2.x and 3.0.x having different behaviours)

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Adding jboss712 target container

[JBWS-3451] use custom appclient-ws.xml config, do not override provided default one
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[JBWS-3452] do not log appclient boot messages to console
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[JBWS-3454] Fixing syntax error