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[JBWS-3911] Validate value of wsdl-path-rewrite-rule when setting it

[JBWS-3878] removed unintended methods
"[JBWS-3878] resolve javaDoc warnings for jdk8 and 7"
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Removing deprecated stuff

[JBWS-3877] EndpointRegistry cleanup

[JBWS-3876] Fix spi build with JDK 1.8

[JBWS-3846] Adding EndpointConfig into Endpoint

Removing methods not used anymore

[JBWS-3686] RemoteDeployer not used anymore

[JBWS-3862] Prevent NPE

[JBWS-3797]:Add ServerConfig api to support @WebContext(virtualHost=...)
[JBWS-3838] Adding optional id to handler metadata

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[JBWS-2680]:Support configure realm-name in jboss-webservices.xml
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[JBWS-3836] Do not fallback to the only existing conf in a file, always require a name match

[JBWS-3836] Adding constants for default conf files

[JBWS-3835] Adding restartServer method

[JBWS-3805] Add wsdl soap:address rewrite metadata

[JBWS-3785]:Add api to set wsdl uri scheme in ServerConfig
[JBWS-3750] integration of WebServicePathRewriteRule
[JBWS-3815] Add mechanism for setting system properties while running JBossWS tests

[JBWS-3800] Reverting commit 18750

[JBWS-3800]:Change undefied host to a meaningful host name
[JBWS-3733]:Allow enabling/disabling endpoint metrics
[JBWS-3793] More cleanup

[JBWS-3733]:Allow enabling/disabling endpoint metrics
[JBWS-3779] WIP

Removing classes not used anymore

Removing few useless / not used anymore interfaces, making URLLoaderAdapter thread-safe, removing deprecated method in InvocationHandlerFactory

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[JBWS-3793] Fix

[JBWS-3793] More changes to j2ee metadata