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[JBPAPP-10549] Fix for jaxws 2.1 additions

adding test of custom JAXB validation handlers for outgoing messages
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Moving to next dev cycle

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Preparing for tagging

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[JBPAPP-10911] Allow disabling Nagle's Algorithm on ws clients

- Fixing testsuite pom to allow running testsuite against current EAP 5.3

- Use same JAXWS api jar as in native stack

- Fix some log file issues

- Use latest jbossws-common and framework snapshots

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[JBPAPP-10708] Adding a testcase and moving to latest cxf

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Excluding test

[JBPAPP-10687] Avoid NullPointerException when spring bean is not annotated with @WebService or @WebServiceProvider
[JBPAPP-10687]:Fix ClassNotFoundException exception
[JBPAPP-9224] Fixing the fix... (wrong ws-sec pol 1.1 ns)

Adding testcase showing how to force WS-Addressing 2004/08 usage instead of default

fix AS deployment
Test RSA-OAEP key wrap algorithm in SignEncryptTestCase

[JBPAPP-10410] fix endpoint instantiation concurrency issue
Endorse jaxws-api.jar

[JBPAPP-9224] archive for testing committed deployment check

[JBPAPP-9224] adding prop for disabling check

Minor code cleanup

[JBPAPP-9224] Workaround for preventing potentially vulnerable scenarios

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prepare for next dev. cycle
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[JBPAPP-9495] prepare for tagging JBossWS CXF 3.1.2.SP11
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Adding provided scope dependency to servlet-api as per EAP5 build needs

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Fixing deprecation warning

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[JBPAPP-8917] do not compile java sources using CXF tools, use our test framework to compile sources
[JBPAPP-8917] fix JDK7 compilation issues
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[JBPAPP-7599] Moved to Apache Santuario 1.5.1 and forked WSS4J 1.5.12-patch-01. Added testcases for AES-GCM algorithm, both with and without WS-Policy support

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[JBPAPP-7271] Fixing testcase

[JBPAPP-7124] Do not remove jettison.jar, stax-ex.jar and streambuffer.jar in the installer