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Moving to next dev cycle

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Preparing for tagging

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[JBPAPP-10687] Avoid NullPointerException when spring bean is not annotated with @WebService or @WebServiceProvider
[JBPAPP-10687]:Fix ClassNotFoundException exception
[JBPAPP-9224] Fixing the fix... (wrong ws-sec pol 1.1 ns)

[JBPAPP-10410] fix endpoint instantiation concurrency issue
[JBPAPP-9224] adding prop for disabling check

Minor code cleanup

[JBPAPP-9224] Workaround for preventing potentially vulnerable scenarios

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prepare for next dev. cycle
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[JBPAPP-9495] prepare for tagging JBossWS CXF 3.1.2.SP11
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Adding provided scope dependency to servlet-api as per EAP5 build needs

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Fixing deprecation warning

[JBPAPP-7599] Moved to Apache Santuario 1.5.1 and forked WSS4J 1.5.12-patch-01. Added testcases for AES-GCM algorithm, both with and without WS-Policy support

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[JBPAPP-6249] Adding endorsed module for building jbossws-cxf-factories.jar which is to be installed in lib/endorsed for overwriting the jaxws provider setup

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[JBPAPP-5764] Complete JBWS-CXF Username Token JAAS integration; porting commit rev. 12404, 12420, 12449, 12454, 12495, 12510, 12512, 12514 then removing testcase using PicketBox API for loading security config from a custom file; that's doable differently in any case, see wsseDigest testcase for instance.

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[JBPAPP-5764] JBWS-CXF Username Token JAAS integration, porting commit rev. 12227, 12228, 12237, 12238

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[JBPAPP-5052] backporting ThreadLocal aware WebServiceContext implementation
Fixing svn:ignore props

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[JBPAPP-5494]:Fixed CXF stack doesn't pick up cxf.xml in the classpath to create spring bus
[JBPAPP-5488] CXF integration initialises endpoints multiple times.
[JBPAPP-4642][JBWS-3092] do not distribute saaj-impl and jaxp-ri. CXF works with JDK6+ provided SAAJ & JAXP providers.
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[JBPAPP-4642] include jaxp-ri in distribution - since now CXF runs on IBM JDK too
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Update / synch with EAP 5.1 lib

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[JBPAPP-4194] Removing cxf jaxrs from EAP branch

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[JBPAPP-4245] Endpoint address rewrite and multiple virtual host support (merge revisions 10401,10440,10462,10464,10600)

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[JBPAPP-4124] Move to Apache CXF 2.2.5 (merge revisions 11132,11173)

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[JBPAPP-4124] Move to Apache CXF 2.2.4 (merge versions 10906,10907,10909)

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[JBPAPP-4124] Moving to Apache CXF 2.2.3 (merge from trunk revisions 10437,10440,10448,10465,10466,10487,10488)

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Use our groupId for xmlsec and asm and for FastInfoset -- part2
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