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[JBPAPP-4124] Move to Apache CXF 2.2.5 (merge revisions 11132,11173)

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[JBPAPP-4232]:Created classpath entry in jbossws-cxf-client.jar manifest
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[JBPAPP-4124] Move to Apache CXF 2.2.4 (merge versions 10906,10907,10909)

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[JBPAPP-4124] Moving to Apache CXF 2.2.3 (merge from trunk revisions 10437,10440,10448,10465,10466,10487,10488)

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[JBPAPP-4162] Moving to jbossws-parent 1.0.6.GA

Block wrong asm indirect dependency
Use our groupId for xmlsec and asm; one more exclusion for geronimo-ws-metadata
One more exclusion for Geronimo stax
Use our groupId for FastInfoset
remove scope provided for FastInfoset due to it being needed by the tests
FastInfoset is needed by cxf-rt-bindings-coloc so add our own version where applicable
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Do not refer to fastInfoset POM, exclude geronimo-stax-api in another place
remove duplicate ejb reference, add exclusions, add maven2-brew as pluginrepositiry as well
Align the versions of the Spring bits we ship with the ones shipped with the WFK product
Align log4j groupId, use another stax-api source and exclude some unwanted indirect dependencies
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Replace geronimo-ws-metadata with a jsr181-api.jar from Sun (CDDL)
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More version changes to match EAP 5
jboss-javaee is now marked optional in the juddi-parent pom, so we need to specify it ourselves
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match version of JBoss AXR with the one used in the EAP which is 2.0.1
match version of JBoss AXR with the one used in the EAP which is 2.0.1
Exclude bogus jaxb reference from jbossws-commons so that the install goal can build
Add our own repo for maven plugins -- the maven own doesn't seem to have the compiler plugin 2.0.2.SP2 that we are looking for
Align dependencies and versions of dependencies with the ones used in the EAP 5.0.0.GA (partial)
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[JBPAPP-3094] First cut of JBossWS-CXF TP installer

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Using jbossws-framework-3.1.2.SP4

[JBPAPP-2273] Support jboss510 only

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Updating pom.xml

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