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[JBPAPP-5889] Upgrade to Apache CXF 2.2.8

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Upgrading to cxf 2.2.6-patch-01

Moving to Spring 2.5.6.SEC02

[JBPAPP-4642][JBWS-3092] do not distribute saaj-impl and jaxp-ri. CXF works with JDK6+ provided SAAJ & JAXP providers.
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[JBPAPP-4704] configuring maven compiler plugin to use UTF-8 when compiling sources
[JBPAPP-4642] include jaxp-ri in distribution - since now CXF runs on IBM JDK too
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Update / synch with EAP 5.1 lib

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Removing references to "Tech Preview" and "tp"

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[JBPAPP-4194] Removing cxf jaxrs from EAP branch

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[JBPAPP-4124] Move to Apache CXF 2.2.6 (merge revision 11804)

[JBPAPP-4124] Move to Apache CXF 2.2.5 (merge revisions 11132,11173)

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[JBPAPP-4232]:Created classpath entry in jbossws-cxf-client.jar manifest
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[JBPAPP-4124] Move to Apache CXF 2.2.4 (merge versions 10906,10907,10909)

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[JBPAPP-4124] Moving to Apache CXF 2.2.3 (merge from trunk revisions 10437,10440,10448,10465,10466,10487,10488)

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Use snapshots

[JBPAPP-4162] Moving to jbossws-parent 1.0.6.GA

Block wrong asm indirect dependency
Use our groupId for xmlsec and asm; one more exclusion for geronimo-ws-metadata
One more exclusion for Geronimo stax
Use our groupId for FastInfoset
remove scope provided for FastInfoset due to it being needed by the tests
FastInfoset is needed by cxf-rt-bindings-coloc so add our own version where applicable
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Do not refer to fastInfoset POM, exclude geronimo-stax-api in another place
remove duplicate ejb reference, add exclusions, add maven2-brew as pluginrepositiry as well
Align the versions of the Spring bits we ship with the ones shipped with the WFK product
Align log4j groupId, use another stax-api source and exclude some unwanted indirect dependencies
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Replace geronimo-ws-metadata with a jsr181-api.jar from Sun (CDDL)
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More version changes to match EAP 5
jboss-javaee is now marked optional in the juddi-parent pom, so we need to specify it ourselves
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match version of JBoss AXR with the one used in the EAP which is 2.0.1