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[JBWS-3897]:Properly log and return error message in endpoint runtime management interceptors;[JBWS-3898]:Add schemaValidation feature
[JBWS-3898]:Add interceptors to dynamically configure logging and gzip feature
[JBWS-3896]:Set json http header in management out interceptor
[JBWS-3895]:Add interceptors to enable record processor and return Records
[JBWS-3890]:Enhance EndpointMetrics api to collect the concurrent request count and endpoint method request count information
[JBWS-3881]:Add interceptor to query endpoint metrics
[JBWS-3881]:Add interceptor to allow configure runtime configurations on Endpoint
[JBWS-3881]:Add test to get endpoint config info from management url
[JBWS-3881]:Create intereceptors to respond the url which query endpoint configuration and metrics
Create workspace for management improvement
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