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[JBWS-3663] Fixing eclipse warnings, thanks Petr for the patches

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Adding a bunch of privileged blocks for getting/setting TCCL

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[JBWS-3595] Initial implementation of alternative udp transport (no Mina dependency, direct java.io usage for any type of datagram)

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minimize synchronized section code
fixing synchronization issues
fixing synchronization issues
Fixing some tests: x++ on volatile attributes is not atomic

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[JBWS-3347] - Enhanced synchronization logic to specifically lock on the static portMap object.
[JBWS-3325] Use a thread pool for serving requests to the http server

- com.sun.net.httpserver -> org.jboss.com.sun.httpserver

- removal of duplicated dependencies in main pom.xml

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[JBWS-3272] Upgrade to Apache CXF 2.4

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[JBWS-3247] - Endpoint TCCL is not updated after the enclosing deployment is redeployed.
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[JBWS-3079][JBWS-3103] Automatically generate address if not provided, required for supporting Endpoint.getBinding() without publish

Moving to using Apache CXF 2.3.0-SNAPSHOT - Merging revisions 12707,12708,12709,121729,12733,12758,12759,12769,12770,12771,12824,12826,12828,12829,12841,12845,12846,12847,12848,12849 from https://svn.jboss.org/repos/jbossws/stack/cxf/branches/cxf-2.3

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