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[JBWS-3826] Pass encoding option to underlying CXF layer

[JBWS-3697] Fixing WSConsume failures w/ OpenJDK 6

Adding a bunch of privileged blocks for getting/setting TCCL

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[JBWS-3138]:Pass the -clientjar option to cxf's wsdl2java tool
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[JBWS-3613] Catch any throwable to see if a given class can be loaded by the jaxws spi provider classloder, as IBM jdk throws NoClassDefFoundError for RTSJ classes

[JBWS-3594] Make sure the classloader in CustomJavaFileManager does not implement Closeable

[JBWS-3589] Setting custom CXF compiler in ToolContext

[JBWS-3509] Converting JBossWS-CXF to latest JBoss Logging...

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[JBWS-3510] modules/client/src/main/java/org/jboss/wsf/stack/cxf/tools/CXFProviderImpl.java

[JBWS-3519] Remove generated sources when -k (keep/generateSource) option is not used + fix wrong impl of JBWS-3193

[JBWS-3520] WSConsume ignores target 2.1 option

[JBWS-3316]:i18n logging and message
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[JBWS-3264] Removing useless log4j hack

[JBWS-3289] final refactoring of common packages
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[JBWS-3289] refactoring packages: org.jboss.wsf.spi.tools -> org.jboss.ws.api.tools
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[JBWS-3193]:Generated the source file into output directory when there is --noCompile flag and without --keep flag
Fixing message on cxf tool target

[JBWS-3129] Prevent CXF tooling from depending on jbossws-common DOMUtils as that causes classloading issues in the maven-jaxws-plugin due to its static threadlocal member

[JBWS-3110]:Added '-createxsdimports' flag to cxf wsprovider tool
[JBWS-3099]:Added -allowElementReferences flag to cxf tools
[JBWS-2968] removing most of compilation warnings
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[JBWS-2793] WSConsume support for implicit header

[JBWS-2950] little cleanup
[JBWS-2840] implementing in CXF
TO fix the build:there is one test failure when remove the verbos flag in CXFProviderImpl
[JBWS-2824]:Fixed the log issue in cxf stack test suite and wsprovide tool
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[JBWS-2508] Invoking new methods allowing for an output stream to be specified

Fixing bug

[JBWS-1774] CXF WSProvider, first cut

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[JBWS-1774] CXF WSContractConsumer, first cut

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