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[JBWS-3904] WSDLcontract retrieval enhancement and early availability check

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[JBWS-3899] Reverting previous commit

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[JBWS-3899] Add check on service and port name being specified when a contract-first endpoint is required

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Impove error message
[JBWS-3901] Refactoring

[JBWS-3901] Install a HTTPConduitFactory wrapper that sets few default HTTPConduit values obtained from system properties

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[JBWS-3900]:Throw proper exception instead of NPE for wrong url access
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[JBWS-3884] Deprecating Spring facilities in jbossws-cxf-client module and adding a WARN on Spring integration being deprecated in jbossws-cxf-server module.

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[JBWS-3879] Use MapToBeanConverter for both features and interceptors

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[JBWS-3879] Initial implementation of a property map to beans converter, internally based on Apache Commons Beanutils

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[JBWS-3875] Allow setting CXF features using properties on client/endpoint configs and in jboss-webservices.xml

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[JBWS-3846] Get endpoint configuration from container when available; update CXFInstanceProvider to build component instances for configuration endpoints too; cleanup ServerBeancustomizer

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[JBWS-3857] integration of jbossws-cxf-4.3.x.patch posted in bz-1167348 and added test case for patch.
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[JBWS-3848] Avoid resetting the handler-chain in the Binding; instead sort the chain copy that's used to build the handler chain invoker; this hides the process from the user and adds no processing overhead as the chain is already copied to build an invoker; sort the chain upfront when building the client (after pre-defined config setup), to speed up sorting in the best and most common scenario (no manual user change to the chain).

[JBWS-3848] Use array lists

[JBWS-3848] Always cleanup the sorter

[JBWS-3848] Optimize HandlerChainSortInterceptor

[JBWS-3840] Adding support for Apache CXF interceptor properties in jboss-webservices.xml and adding additional tests (also for JBWS-3837)

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[JBWS-3837] Adding a bunch of tests

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[JBWS-3837] Apache CXF interceptors setup through properties

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[JBWS-3836] Fix to use latest jbossws-common

[JBWS-3836] Adding support for default client config file when no configuration is specified

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[JBWS-3836] Convention for automatic predefined client/endpoint configuration retrieval

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[JBWS-3832] Factor out jaxws client bus creation into client bus selector; add system property based mechanism to setup custom client bus selector; provide a client bus selector for reading a different spring bus descriptor.

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[JBWS-3805] Allow overriding soap:address rewrite options in jboss-webservices.xml

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[JBWS-3826] Pass encoding option to underlying CXF layer

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[JBWS-3822] Default to TCCL bus selection strategy for clients running in-container

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[JBWS-3821] Use equals for comparing strings...

[JBWS-3821] Ensure WebServiceRef injection is not affected by system bus selection strategy

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Removing service object factory type hierarchy which is not needed anymore (and we can get rid of the thread local to store the bus)