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[JBWS-3826] Pass encoding option to underlying CXF layer

[JBWS-3822] Default to TCCL bus selection strategy for clients running in-container

[JBWS-3821] Use equals for comparing strings...

[JBWS-3821] Ensure WebServiceRef injection is not affected by system bus selection strategy

Removing service object factory type hierarchy which is not needed anymore (and we can get rid of the thread local to store the bus)

[JBWS-3820] Throw meaningfull exception when JAX-WS 2.2 Service constructors are required

[JBWS-3785][JBWS-3805]:Revert the previous change;only provide option to force change the soap address uri scheme
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A couple of minor singleton optimizations, replaced usage of static synchronized methods with lazy initialization holder class idiom

[JBWS-3817] Avoid globally installing BouncyCastle

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[JBWS-3799] Remove duplicated dependency, caused by commit 18747

[JBWS-3799]:Remove transitive dependency
[JBWS-3799] Explicit jaxb-core dependency

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[JBWS-3686] Removing file not needed

[JBWS-3686] Remove files not needed

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[JBWS-3798] @WebEndpoint name not considered when building up webservicerefs

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Misc minor changes (making some fields final, removing unused / deprecated code)

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[JBWS-3796] Perform injections once on handlers and prevent concurrency issues

[JBWS-3630]:Add dependency to enable http async client conduit
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[JBWS-3779] WIP

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[JBWS-3779] Cleanup of jbws-native / jax-rpc stuff

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[JBWS-3780] Drop AS 7.2.0 container integration

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[JBWS-3793] Use latest jbossws-spi

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Make CXFServiceRefStubPropertyConfigurer fields final

[JBWS-3786] Also ignore IllegalArgumentException in JBossWSResourceInjectionResolver#resolve, as that's thrown during AS shutdown

[JBWS-3686] Fixing compile issue with latest cxf 3 snapshots

[JBWS-3686] Initial changes to upgrade to Apache CXF 3.0.0; build moved to 5.0.0-SNAPSHOT

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[JBWS-3786] @Resource injection not working on handlers attached to JAX-WS clients running in-container

Moving to 4.3.1-SNAPSHOT

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[JBWS-3767] Avoid throwing/catching exception when JASPIC is not available (performance issue)

[JBWS-3767]:Jaspic soap profile implementation
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