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[JBWS-3879] Use MapToBeanConverter for both features and interceptors

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[JBWS-3871] Remove dependency on org.jboss:jboss-common-core

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Merging arquillian branch:

- [JBWS-3668] Arquillian integration

- new build

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[JBWS-3797] Adding required module dependencies

[JBWS-3630]:Remove asyncclient slot
Synch modules with upstream wfly master

[JBWS-3810] Also fix WFLY 8 integration

[JBWS-3817] Avoid globally installing BouncyCastle

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[JBWS-3789] Adding required dependencies

[JBWS-3810] added module ref to org.apache.xml-resolver
[JBWS-3806] Keep on using full distribution, available in 'dist' folder of WFLY

[JBWS-3806] Updating org/jboss/as/webservices/main/module.xml to be in synch with wildfly master and reference the webservices subsystem Maven artifact. Enabling filtering in assembly plugin for relying on 'wildfly900.version' property, we'll have to use a more generic one later

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[JBWS-3630] Adding missing module.xml files

[JBWS-3630]:Add httpcomponets module with slot 'asyncclient'
[JBWS-3630]:exclude cxf-rt-transports-http-hc.jar from module.xml
[JBWS-3779] Cleanup of jbws-native / jax-rpc stuff

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[JBWS-3780] Drop AS 7.2.0 container integration

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[JBWS-3794] Updating target containers

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[JBWS-3686] Initial changes to upgrade to Apache CXF 3.0.0; build moved to 5.0.0-SNAPSHOT

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[JBWS-3767]:Jaspic soap profile implementation
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Remove wildfly-webservices-server-integration jar on WFLY800 target

Synch with WFLY modules

[JBWS-3702]:Add Undertow HttpDestinationFactory; Replace old httpserver integration(modules) with new undertow implementation
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[JBWS-3740] Drop AS 7.1.x support

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[WFLY-2516] Exclude java.xml.crypto classes from Santuario module exports

[JBWS-3715] Adding jaxws-client module dependency to saaj-impl module to have the SOAPConnectionFactory resolved from jbossws-cxf-client

[JBWS-3703] Early initialize WSSConfig and set dependency to org.bouncycastle module

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[JBWS-3650] Misc fixes on module dependencies; import META-INF from spring module, move META-INF and META-INF/cxf import of cxf api module from AS server integration module to cxf impl module (to work for client side too), remove trailing slash in META-INF/ imports which makes the import ineffective.

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[JBWS-3650]:import service from org.apache.cxf module
[JBWS-3560] Adding FastInfoset dependency to jbossws-cxf-client and fixing cxf api module.xml

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