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[JBWS-3740] Drop AS 7.1.x support

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[JBWS-3434] Moving back OpenSAML dependency to compile scope, removing joda-time from opensaml module (already available on AS7), fixing other modules' dependencies accordingly

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[JBWS-3434] Making OpenSAML maven dependency provided and keeping it just for creating the AS module. Only keep an optional dependency to org.opensaml module in org.apache.ws.security (wss4j) module, as OpenSAML is not going to be shipped in AS7 and is required for WSS4J SAML/WS-Trust functionalities only.

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[JBWS-3434] Adding OpenSaml (related) dependencies and module

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Keep modules 1.1 for AS710 only, leave AS700 on modules 1.0

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