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[JBWS-3911] Validate value of wsdl-path-rewrite-rule when setting it

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[JBWS-3805] Allow overriding soap:address rewrite options in jboss-webservices.xml

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Catch specific exceptions only to avoid swallowing errors that should result in deployment failures instead

[JBWS-3785] Refactoring Jim's changes: simplifying SoapAddressRewriteHelper, fixing WSDLSoapAddressRewriteUtils and preparing bunch of code sections for [JBWS-3805]

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[JBWS-3785][JBWS-3805]:Revert the previous change;only provide option to force change the soap address uri scheme
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[JBWS-3805]:Add property to force the address uri scheme
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[JBWS-3785]:Add option for forcing https protocol when rewriting soap:addres in WSDL
[JBWS-3750] Fixing build (broken due to commit 18830) by copying missing classes from rsearls branch; also updating JBWS2150TestCaseForked to test additions

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[JBWS-3750] code addition and corresponding test
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[JBWS-3570] Replacing SoapTransportFactoryExt/AddressRewritingEndpointInfo integration hack with usage of Apache CXF 'publishedEndpointUrl' endpoint configuration option + fixing a couple of related bugs. This requires changes in JBWS-3571 and CXF-4674.

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