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[JBWS-3743] Block HTTP GET requests with no query string

[JBWS-3736] soap:address rewrite does not consider wsdlLocation in SEI @WebService

[JBWS-3730] Also allow controlling using system property

[JBWS-3730] Adding support for org.jboss.ws.cxf.disableHandlerAuthCheck prop in jboss-webservices.xml

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[JBWS-3727] Prevent NPE when Principal is not available

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[JBWS-3663] Fixing eclipse warnings, thanks Petr for the patches

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i[JBWS-3717] Fixing EndpointResolver impl to check endpoint state

[WFLY-308][JBWS-3378] Also deal with logical handlers

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[JBWS-3378] First attempt on having method level authz for ejb3 endpoint jaxws handlers

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Making a member final

[JBWS-3703] Early initialize WSSConfig and set dependency to org.bouncycastle module

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[JBWS-3679]:@WebServiceRef injection of co-located client with no specified wsdlLocation is not working
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Apache CXF 2.7.6+ has additional getBus() abstract method in AbstractHTTPServlet...

[JBWS-3653] Always explicitly set the AUTO_REWRITE_ADDRESS_ALL prop to avoid relying on CXF default (false)

[JBWS-3653] Fixing issue + adding new testcase for code-first scenario and enhancing the existing tests to explicitly verify automatic address rewrite is the testsuite server host is 'localhost'

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[JBWS-3648] Package refactoring + moving @PolicySets to jbossws-api

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[JBWS-3648] @PolicySets support, misc tests, some predefined set xml

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Minor optimization / removal of duplicated code

[JBWS-3643]:Not iterate all endpoints from EndpointRegistry
[JBWS-3644] Using new method

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No need for lazy instanciating the RequestHandlerImpl

Minor improvement, do not look for QueryHandlerRegistry for non wsdl get calls

[JBWS-3645] Adding explanation comment in the code

[JBWS-3645]:Register the WorkQueueManager in JMXServer when cxf management is enabled
[JBWS-3541] Making SubjectCreatingInterceptor directly extend WSS4JInInterceptor and adding filter on Group instances when looking for subject user principal

[JBWS-3596] Provide support for WS-Discovery

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[JBWS-3621] Replace HttpServletResponseExt.java with HttpServletResonseWrapper

[JBWS-3600] Adding jboss800 target, removing jboss711

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Minor cleanups

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[JBWS-3396] Few minor improvements and optimizations

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