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[JBWS-3863] @MTOM.enabled is not honored

[JBWS-3858] Misconfigured TCCL during endpoint method invocations when Spring integration is enabled

[JBWS-3843] Adding comment explaining the workaround; proper fix will come in PicketBox

[JBWS-3850] Move SubjectCreatingPolicyInterceptor to PRE_PROTOCOL interceptor phase

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[JBWS-3843]:EJB3 Web Service returns Invalid User on parallel invocations
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Specify locale when using toLowerCase

[JBWS-3840] Adding support for Apache CXF interceptor properties in jboss-webservices.xml and adding additional tests (also for JBWS-3837)

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[JBWS-3837] Apache CXF interceptors setup through properties

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[JBWS-3836] Convention for automatic predefined client/endpoint configuration retrieval

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[JBWS-3805] Get the metadata from the deployment (they're now created and set earlier)

[JBWS-3805] Allow overriding soap:address rewrite options in jboss-webservices.xml

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[JBWS-3785] Fixing regression

Catch specific exceptions only to avoid swallowing errors that should result in deployment failures instead

[JBWS-3785] Refactoring Jim's changes: simplifying SoapAddressRewriteHelper, fixing WSDLSoapAddressRewriteUtils and preparing bunch of code sections for [JBWS-3805]

[JBWS-3785][JBWS-3805]:Revert the previous change;only provide option to force change the soap address uri scheme
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[JBWS-3805]:Add property to force the address uri scheme
[JBWS-3785]:Add option for forcing https protocol when rewriting soap:addres in WSDL
[JBWS-3750] Move additional interceptor registration to Bus level (instead of Endpoint level)

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[JBWS-3750] Fixing build (broken due to commit 18830) by copying missing classes from rsearls branch; also updating JBWS2150TestCaseForked to test additions

  1. ./java/org/jboss/wsf/stack/cxf/interceptor/util
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[JBWS-3750] code addition and corresponding test
[JBWS-3514]:Support cxf @FactoryType annotation
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[JBWS-3817] Avoid globally installing BouncyCastle

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[JBWS-3628] Add property expansion capability to .wsdl files

[JBWS-3804]:Remove ResourceResolverDeploymentAspect
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[JBWS-3800]:Only check existence of endpoint config in standalone.xml when it is specified in annotaion or decriptor
[JBWS-3800]:Make endpoint config optional
[JBWS-3733]:Check ServerConfig.isStatisticsEnabled() before gather data with EndpointMetrics
[JBWS-3793] More cleanup

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More on JBWS-3378

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Misc minor changes (making some fields final, removing unused / deprecated code)

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