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Merging arquillian branch:

- [JBWS-3668] Arquillian integration

- new build

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[JBWS-3711] Converting non-sample cxf tests (WIP)

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Few minor changes to prevent possible concurrency issues in the testsuite

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[JBWS-3482] Use different context-root for endpoints that can be deployed concurrently

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Wait 3 secs before collecting count of @Oneway concurrent invocations in JBWS3060 testcases

Fixing some tests: x++ on volatile attributes is not atomic

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Separate ejb3 and pojo endpoints

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- Converting jbws3098 and gzip cxf testcases to using pojo endpoints instead of ejb3 ones, to start having test coverage on AS7 (it does not really matter what kind of endpoint is used here, but the tests are pretty much significant from a CXF integration point of view)

- Added a pojo endpoint version of the jbws3060 testcase, which should have been done in any case since the beginning (the test acts as load tests too)

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[JBWS-3144] Additional checks in jbossws-cxf testsuites for default bus not being set multiple times

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[JBWS-2957] fixing tests to be aligned with new URL pattern scheme
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[JBWS-3073] merging changes from no-spring-support branch (-r 12493:HEAD). This refactors the cxf integration separating classes requiring spring from those not requiring it. Different bus factories, configurers, endpoint servlets, etc. are used. The tests requiring spring are moved to a cxf-spring-tests module enabled through a "spring" profile in maven. System property -Dspring=true can be used to include spring libs when installing.

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[JBWS-3060] Adding testcase

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