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- [JBWS-3889] Fix some ipv6 testing issues

- Misc testsuite improvements / fixes

Thanks Jan Bliznak for the patch!

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Merging arquillian branch:

- [JBWS-3668] Arquillian integration

- new build

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[bz-1012454] changed the order of checking for success.
[JBWS-3711] WIP

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[BZ-1012454] prev code change removed. This is tmp debugging to id multi endpoints.
[BZ-1012454] check that the number of matches is GT 0.
[JBWS-3709] Restoring TIMEOUT setup when sending probe messages

[JBWS-3709] Modifying testcase a bit to avoid counting probe matches from different hosts on the same network when possible. Moreover, actually checking match count on resolve matches only, as the address is optional and can theoretically be omitted in probe matches.

Allow manually setting WSDD probe/resolve timeout and extending default to 2sec

[JBWS-3596] Close client

[JBWS-3596] Adding WS-Discovery testcase - currently disabled waiting for CXF-5005 to be included in a release

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