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[JBWS-3861] Additional test fix

[JBWS-3861] Fixing filter

[JBWS-3861] Fix a bunch of failures in cxf-tests

[JBWS-3860] Moving to latest parent snapshot

[JBWS-3858] Misconfigured TCCL during endpoint method invocations when Spring integration is enabled

[JBWS-3797] Adding required module dependencies

[JBWS-3849] Upgrade to Apache CXF 3.0.3

[JBWS-3857] integration of jbossws-cxf-4.3.x.patch posted in bz-1167348 and added test case for patch.
[JBWS-3813] Re-enabling test

[JBWS-3813] Temporarly excluding test, while waiting for the CXF-4242

[JBWS-3813] Fixing test checks according to CXF-4242 changes

[JBWS-3849] Move to CXF 3.0.3-SNAPSHOT

[JBWS-3813] Minor fix to the testcase to avoid mislieading failure reports

[JBWS-3813] added test for property setting by EndpointConfig annotation and correct valid return text.
Updating component versions

[JBWS-3813] added test checking return of stackTrace
Updating release notes

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[JBWS-3843] More workaround comments

[JBWS-3843] Adding comment explaining the workaround; proper fix will come in PicketBox

Multiple test invocations, to verify the config is not lost after first invocation (no bug expected, I just used this for debugging JBWS-3848 and thought it might be usefull in future)

[JBWS-3848] Avoid resetting the handler-chain in the Binding; instead sort the chain copy that's used to build the handler chain invoker; this hides the process from the user and adds no processing overhead as the chain is already copied to build an invoker; sort the chain upfront when building the client (after pre-defined config setup), to speed up sorting in the best and most common scenario (no manual user change to the chain).

[JBWS-3843] Making the test more robust... ;)

[JBWS-3843]:Add org.jboss.as.webservices.server.integration dependency to load UsernameTokenCallback
[JBWS-3850] Move SubjectCreatingPolicyInterceptor to PRE_PROTOCOL interceptor phase

[JBWS-3843]:EJB3 Web Service returns Invalid User on parallel invocations
[JBWS-3792] Enabling passing tests

[JBWS-3848] Use array lists

Specify locale when using toLowerCase

[JBWS-3848] Always cleanup the sorter

[JBWS-3848] Optimize HandlerChainSortInterceptor