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[JBWS-3668] Moving out of snapshots (wildfly-arquillian-container-managed)

Use latest components; removing maven enforce plugin explicit usage as it's now inherited from parent

[JBWS-3868] Move to Apache CXF 3.0.4

[JBWS-3668] Proper init and cleanup ports: use @Before/@AfterClass instead of manually calling old-style setUp/tearDown JUnit methods

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[JBWS-3668] More cleanup

Get server host property once

[JBWS-3668] More cleanup

[JBWS-3668] Removing old deploy/undeploy mechanism and cleaning up a bunch of stuff not used anymore

Bunch of fixes to tests that used CleanupOperation in the past for static references to ports...

Make inner class static

Fix to the build to properly work with recent maven-assembly-plugin

Fix MultipartContentTypeTestCase
[JBWS-3868] Prepare for moving to Apache CXF 3.0.4

[JBWS-3668] Fix previous commit

[JBWS-3668] forgot to delete an old test

Merging arquillian branch:

- [JBWS-3668] Arquillian integration

- new build

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[JBWS-3863] @MTOM.enabled is not honored

[JBWS-3861] Revisiting JBWS-3792 testcase and externalizing the wsdlLocation setup to a webservices.xml descriptor, which allows build-time expansion of jboss.bind.address property

Use latest jbossws-spi snapshot

[JBWS-3861] Additional test fix

[JBWS-3861] Fixing filter

[JBWS-3861] Fix a bunch of failures in cxf-tests

[JBWS-3860] Moving to latest parent snapshot

[JBWS-3858] Misconfigured TCCL during endpoint method invocations when Spring integration is enabled

[JBWS-3797] Adding required module dependencies

[JBWS-3849] Upgrade to Apache CXF 3.0.3

[JBWS-3857] integration of jbossws-cxf-4.3.x.patch posted in bz-1167348 and added test case for patch.
[JBWS-3813] Re-enabling test

[JBWS-3813] Temporarly excluding test, while waiting for the CXF-4242

[JBWS-3813] Fixing test checks according to CXF-4242 changes