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Removing old branch

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- Deployment aspect configuration

- Handler configuration for standard endpoints

Setting the MessageContext's WSDL_OPERATION property

Adding mergeinfo

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- Set type of token reference also in Encrypt3DES tests

- Re-enable WS-Policy

- Comment ws-policy stuff in interop nov2007 wsdls

- Exclude https test case because of the required jbossweb tomcat configuration

- Minor changes

Minor changes

Fix test

Uncommenting tests

Password change

Modifying tests not to include token in the messages

[JBWS-1257] Add configuration for token references

KeyIdentifier bug fix

WCF interop tests, wsaSoap12 wsdl update. Test suite runs fine now.

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WCF interoperability tests, wsse: switching to live endpoint's wsdl (

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WSDL Import loop check, prevents stack overflow exception with bad wsdl files

Temporarily disabling ws-policy on server side (as previously did on client side, for wcf tests)

WCF interoperability tests, wsa 1.0 soap 1.2.

See also [JBWS-1880].

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Fixing interop test scenarios description file reading

[JBWS-1880] Standard SOAP 1.2 WSAddressing Client and Endpoint

[JBWS-1879] Fix issue

[JBWS-1879] Modifying jaxws binding test case

[JBWS-1876] Improvement and fix for oneway dispatch

[JBWS-1876] Fix issue

[JBWS-1876] Test case

Fix test

WCF interop tests, wsse scenario 3.3 usign RSA-OAEP. Also test for [JBWS-1874].

[JBWS-1874] Allow configuration of secret key wrap algorithm

WCF interoperability tests, wsse scenario 3.4

Unlimited Strength Cryptography Extension check