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Removing branch not used anymore

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[JBWS-2920] Update deploy macro

svn:ignore on modules/services/target

[JBWS-2922] Build artifacts for jaxrpc tests in framework

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[JBWS-2921][JBWS-2922] Add javax.xml.rpc.ServiceFactory configuration to jbossws-native-core

[JBWS-2921] Restore conf coming from client module, as that's required for the Enpoint API and would only create mess if moved together with the other services conf

svn merge -r 11465:11479 from trunk

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[JBWS-2921] create jbossws-native-services.jar

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[JBWS-2899] Updating the stack specific config file

Using new AbstractDeploymentAspect + moving WSAspectizedDeployerFactory to stack specific config file

[JBWS-2895] Branching (-r 11464) for working on prototypes

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