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[JBWS-1796] fixing step description
[JBWS-1796] creating merge information file
[JBWS-1796] reparing the JBoss AS 4.0 no EJB3 integration
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adding toString()
adding initial WS-RM Policy deployer
refactoring WSRM configuration to standard JAXWS config
implementing wsrm configuration + extending ConfigFactoryTestCase to test this new configuration
  1. ./trunk/src/main/java/org/jboss/ws/metadata/wsrm
wsrm config will be part of jaxws configs
adding new classes
fixing security issue - static constants must be final + fixing generics warnings
adding client side wsrm configuration
  1. ./trunk/src/test/resources/jaxws/wsrm/META-INF
refactoring + adding wsrm server side configuration file
adding ws-rm configuration schema
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associating RM-Policy with tested wsdls
reparing test to use repaired generics
fixing java coding convention for exceptions
fixing Java coding convention (for Exceptions) + small generic improvements
Java code convention is to have the Exception suffix in the exception class name
turning NullPrintStream to singleton
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refactoring helper class
catching RuntimeExceptions during deserialization process and propagating them to the higher level
extending test case to cover new de/serializer
adding SequenceAcknowledgement de/serializer + refactoring + source code documentation improved
adding new usecases to the test suite
implemented Sequence and AckRequested de/serializers