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Tagging jbossws-native-4.2.1.Final

Tagging jbossws-native-4.2.0.Final

Fixing SCM refs

[JBPAPP-10984] Tagging jbossws-native-3.1.2.SP18

Tagging jbossws-native-4.2.0.CR1

[JBPAPP-10984] Tagging jbossws-native-3.1.2.SP17

Tagging jbossws-native-3.1.2.SP16

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Checking in productized patches

Fixing poms

Tagging jbossws-native-4.1.2.Final

Sorry, I accidentally committed things to the tag. reverting here
[JBPAPP-10740] merging fix for customer issue
[JBPAPP-10740] using patch04 for xalan version and backporting security fix
Tagging jbossws-native-4.1.1.Final

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Fixing poms

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Tagging jbossws-native-4.1.1.CR1

tagging JBossWS Native 4.1.1.Beta1
Fix pom version
Tag jbossws-native-3.1.2.SP15
Revert the previous commit
[JBPAPP-9520]:exclude the test to check the tmp file delete
Revert the wrong commit in tag, should do another release
[JBPAPP-10380]:Fix JBWS2526TestCase
Fixing poms

Tagging jbossws-native-3.1.2.SP14

[JBWS-3558] Tagging jbossws-native-4.1.0.Final

[JBPAPP-10113] tagged JBossWS Native 4.0.6.GA
tagging JBossWS Native 4.1.0.CR1
tagging JBossWS Native 4.1.0.Beta2