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[JBWS-3363] extending SPI - providing hook for instances retrieval
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[JBWS-3294] removing obsolete/unsupported WS-Eventing from Native
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[JBWS-3289] refactoring packages: org.jboss.wsf.common -> org.jboss.ws.common; org.jboss.wsf.framework -> org.jboss.ws.common
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[JBWS-3289] refactoring packages: org.jboss.wsf.spi.management.record -> org.jboss.ws.api.monitoring
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[JBWS-3285] Remove ws-reliable messaging impl from native stack

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[JBWS-3169] Temporarly adding the DescriptorParser declarations to stack-specific beans xml to avoid creating a AS

IL project just for this (given AS7 will be the only supported target container of JBWS 4)

[JBWS-3121] Prevent JAXWSMetadataBuilderEJB3 from using EJB3.1 beans not linked to ws endpoint and make sure the Unified Model is build only after the endpoints' addresses have been computed

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[JBWS-2835] removing workaround for AS 6.x series
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