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[JBWS-3393] Remove support for AS6 target container

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[JBWS-3273] removing ANT & CMD tools from jbossws-common.jar to jbossws-common-tools.jar
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[JBWS-2709] jbossws-native stack changes for installing jbossws-api.jar

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[JBWS-3090] do not duplicit jaxb & jaxws APIs in endorsed - always remove jbossws-native-jaxws-ext.jar
do not specify client/jbossws-native-core.jar in default excludes - it will be removed by ANT scripts
[JBWS-2844] remove cxf stuff from lib/endorsed too

[JBWS-3030] Also remove jbossws-cxf-* from client

[JBWS-3030] Do not remove netty.jar from default installation

[JBWS-3030] Adding cxf libs to default undeploy conf files

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[JBWS-3030] Use just 2 deploy.conf files for disinstall from any profile/configuration

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