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[JBWS-3886] Add option for easily testing with IPv6

[JBWS-3881]:Add interceptor to allow configure runtime configurations on Endpoint
Fix wrong change in the previous commit
Enable test
[JBWS-3884] Deprecating Spring facilities in jbossws-cxf-client module and adding a WARN on Spring integration being deprecated in jbossws-cxf-server module.

[JBWS-3881]:Add test to get endpoint config info from management url
[JBWS-3881]:Create intereceptors to respond the url which query endpoint configuration and metrics
Fix a bunch of failures with IPv6

[JBWS-3879] Adding testcase

[JBWS-3879] Use MapToBeanConverter for both features and interceptors

Test using feature both the CXF and JAX-WS way...

[JBWS-3875] Adding example on using a custom properties to set a custom feature extending and configuring a CXF one

Fix WS-RM SimpleServiceTestCase and enrich it with feature based example

[JBWS-3879] Initial implementation of a property map to beans converter, internally based on Apache Commons Beanutils

[JBWS-3875] Yet another FastInfoset test addition using jboss-webservices.xml

[JBWS-3875] Modifying fastinfoset test to also check FI configured with feature properties

[JBWS-3875] Allow setting CXF features using properties on client/endpoint configs and in jboss-webservices.xml

Extending fastinfost tests to use CXF Features

Prevent usage of -Djboss.bind.address with -Pfast (wildfly-maven-plugin + arquillian can't handle that)

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[JBWS-3668] fix arquillian.xml in shared and spring testsuites to allow -Djboss.bind.address usage

Add more tests for [WFLY-2129][WFLY-3988][WFLY-4289]
[JBWS-3876] Fixing build with JDK 1.8

Removing legacy build.xml (not used anymore)

Make all 'dist' module dependencies have provided scope, so that they do not leak into other modules depending on it. Move 'dist' module dependency from 'test-utils' to 'testsuite' module to allow for simple 'mvn clean install' command to run while keeping proper modules ordering when using -T option.

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removing unused property

[JBWS-3874] Do not overwrite application-*.properties

[JBWS-3874] Removing tests from cxf-spring-tests module

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[JBWS-3874] Moving jms_http tests too

[JBWS-3874] Adding jms tests to the cxf-tests module and creating a new server configuration for them

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Create workspace for management improvement
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