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[JBWS-3916]:Remove the workaround for JBWS-3843
Remove java.security.AllPermission in permission.xml
[JBWS-3921] Get rid of unrequired MessagePropertySettingInterceptor

[JBWS-3920] Default to OneWayProcessorInterceptor.USE_ORIGINAL_THREAD = true

Fix permission failures
Update wildfly900 version to 9.0.0.CR2
Fix permission failures
Fix permssion failures
Fix permission failure
Fix permission failures
[JBWS-3911] Validate value of wsdl-path-rewrite-rule when setting it

Use latest spi and common

Minor perf change, no need to have an instance of EjbWSOneWayThreadInterceptor for each interceptor chain

Cleanup imports

Fix permssion failures
Fix permission failures
Add more permissions
Add permissions.xml to fix bunch of permission failures
Fix more permission failures
Fix JAXBIntroTestCase
Fix WSTrustTestCase
Fix JBWS3679TestCase
Add permissions.xml to fix bunch of permission failures
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Fix permission failure in EndpointTestCase
Add permissions.xml for EndorseTestCase
Fix permission failures in EndorseTestCase
Add another permission file for CXFDefaultClientConfigurationTestCase
Fix permission failure in CXFClientConfigurationTestCase
Fix permission failures in BusTestCase
[CXF-6421] Use Exchange direct accessors to data where available