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prepare for next dev. cycle
Update CustomizationParser to fix the test failure
use . instead of - in versioning
fixing version - use . instead of -
Fix version in pom.xml
creating JBossWS Common 1.1.0.SP8 tag
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removing jbossws-common.1.1.8.SP8 tag - was not uploaded to nexus yet
support for EAP 5.2 as requested by our QA
Fix version in the pom.xml
Tag jbossws-native-3.1.2.SP11
  1. /stack/native/tags/jbossws-native-3.1.2.SP11
Rollback the previous commit, should tag jbossws-native-3.1.2.SP11
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Tag jbossws-native-3.1.2.SP10
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Fix version in pom.xml
Tag jbossws-framework-3.1.2.SP10
  1. /framework/tags/jbossws-framework-3.1.2.SP10
Fix version in pom.xml
Tag jbossws-common-1.1.0.SP8
Fix the version in pom.xml
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Tag jbossws-spi-1.1.2.SP7
[JBPAPP-5779]:JBossWS-EPR's address is NOT used for invocations on the endpoint when the dispatchImpl is created with EPR
[JBPAPP-5866] Removing redundant namespace declarations
JBPAPP-6860 - Backed out changes due to test failing when running TCK JAX-WS tests.
[JBWS-3338] @Addressing annotation propagation
[JBWS-3338] construct ports using features properly
[JBWS-3338] extending SPI to support distinction between no @Addressing and @Addressing(enabled='false') for ports construction from service refs.
[JBWS-3209]:Remove additional namespace declaration
[CXF-3740][JBWS-3337][JBWS-3338] incorporating TCK6 fixes
[JBWS-3337][JBWS-3338] incorporating TCK6 fixes
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disabling system tests and providing 'sources' profile
tagging JBossWS Common 1.4.1.SP1
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