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[JBWS-3405] Adding WS-SecurityPolicy Examples 1.0 (most of 2.1.x) testcases

Endorse jaxws-api.jar

Endorse jaxws-api.jar

[JBWS-3405] Adding WS-SecurityPolicy Examples 1.0 (2.2.x) testcases

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[JBWS-2710] Adding WS-SecureConversation testcase

Minor change to change misleading path name

[JBPAPP-9829] Backport CXF-4130: Server using @WebServiceProvider implementation writes contents of SOAP body in SOAP header
[JBPAPP-9829] creating one off branch
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Add testcases for test1189 wsdl
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[JBWS-3500] Yet another test, but using client configuration

Minor fix to the test

[JBWS-3529] Adding more tests + removing props from former configuration when setting up those of a new one

[JBWS-3542] Removing usage of ws-security.sts.disable-wsmex-call-using-epr-address option (do not disable WS-MEX client aggressive behaviour) and adding web.xml to have jboss web also process http requests to STS endpoint URL subpaths (e.g. /mex, for improved Metro interoperability)

[JBWS-3543] Relaxing SubjectCreatingPolicyInterceptor reaction to missing SecurityContext

use latest shared-testsuite trunk
[JBWS-2074] extending test case to cover manual JNDI lookups - BTW this never worked in prior to AS7 series for EJB3 endpoints :)
Enable WSA and UTF16 encoding
[JBWS-3529] Adding testcase on using client and endpoint default configurations' properties, e.g. to control default schema validation

[JBWS-3500] Adding testcase for client side schema validation

[JBWS-3500] Enhaching test

[JBWS-2932] Adding negative testcases + removing unrequired module dependency to Apache CXF impl

[JBWS-2932] Renaming package http to httpauth

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Add wsi bp test for complex doc scenerio
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Add wsi bp test for complex rpc scenario
Minor change : modify the test name
[JBWS-2932]:add http basic auth and digest access test
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[JBWS-3493] Enabling test

[JBWS-3493] Properly synch PicketLink STS wsdl with WS-Trust 1.3 types

[JBWS-3493] Moving to PicketLink 2.1.4.Final

allign with Apache CXF upstream