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[JBWS-3622] Updating tests, still excluded waiting for AS8 PR to be merged

[AS7-6850] Restoring test passing after Undertow upgrade

Restoring passing test (after AS8 upgrade to Undertow 1.0.0.Alpha9)

[CXF-4875] Restoring tests after having moved to cxf 2.7.4 + fixing few policy namespaces

[AS7-537] Adding testcase

Fixing comment

Adding some tests on using Apache CXF on AS the same as on a servlet only container (webservices subsystem disabled using jboss-deployment-structure.xml)

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Add as800 profile and update the component version
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[JBWS-3624]:add tests to check the ws-i bsp complaince
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  1. /projects/wsi-bp-test/trunk/bsp12-tests/scripts
  2. /projects/wsi-bp-test/trunk/bsp12-tests/src
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[AS7-6608] Changes related to JAX-RPC support removal on AS 8

[JBWS-3623] Adding workaround...

Create the branch works for AS7.2.0.Final
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Create branches
Removing unrequired module dependency

[JBWS-3622] Excluding tests

[JBWS-3622] Initial changes on ssl option names specified to create https listener on AS8

Move to use servlet api 3.1 on AS8 in bin distro

[JBWS-3138]:Pass the -clientjar option to cxf's wsdl2java tool
[JBWS-3138]:add clientjar flag
[JBWS-3138]:add clientjar flag
[JBWS-3620] Excluding tests

[JBWS-3621] Replace HttpServletResponseExt.java with HttpServletResonseWrapper

Excluding some tests for known issues

Fixing MemoryBufferRecorderTestCase to ask for proper client host records (related to Undertow integration in AS8)

JBWS1582TestCase erroneusly assumes HTTP 1.1 responses for HTTP 1.0 requests

Setting svn:ignore

Fixing child pom versions too

Fixing child pom versions too

Revert the previous commit, this will be reviewed later for eap6 branch
Revert the previous commit, this will be reviewed later