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Making few fields final

- [JBWS-3708] Removing client/endpoint config stuff from AbstractServerConfigMBean (it was not working properly anyway and the JMX management approach is not suggested for these things)

- Removing a useless objectname

Adding few comments on thread safety analysis

[JBWS-3708] Restoring testcase

[JBWS-3708] Restoring some tests disabled previously (and splitting ClientConfigurationTestCase into two testcases)

[JBWS-3708] Restoring some tests disabled previously (and splitting CXFClientConfigurationTestCase into two testcases)

minor change of parameter names

Making a field final

Backport part of [WFLY-2565] to 7.2.0 ASIL (excluding backport the endpoint publisher stuff)

[JBPAPP-10907]:Ability to set custom JAXB validation event handlers on outgoing responses in JBossWS-CXF(Review and apply patch from Joe Wertz)
Better fix

Fixing previous commit

Misc concurrency issue prevention from ThreadSafe analysis

[JBWS-3708] Enforce client/endpoint config immutability at runtime; use new CommonConfigStore concept for updating client config

Updating common version

[JBWS-3708] Fixing testsuite too

[JBWS-3708] Update to latest spi

Updating poms for building to a different version

[JBWS-3708] Adding implementation of CommonConfigStore and updating AbstractServerConfig to use it

Updating pom

[JBWS-3708] Adding CommonConfigStore facility for dealing with collections of client/endpoint configs and their modifications

JBPAPP-10903: check server classloader when wsdl location starts with classpath:.
Branching for working on 3739 and 3708

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[JBWS-3708] Make the testsuite compile with new spi; excluding few tests that requires refactoring as the client/endpoint default confs are now not editable

Update spi/asil720 versions

[JBWS-3708] Turn client/endpoint config into immutable objects

[JBWS-3739] Enforce jbossws-spi metadata immutability

Updating poms

Branching for working on 3739 and 3708

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Build to a different version, to allow publishing a snapshot that does not overlap with the trunk one