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Moving to next dev cycle

Tagging jbossws-common-2.3.0.Final

Moving to next version

Fixing pom.xml

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Tagging jbossws-spi-2.3.0.Final

Branching for preparing 4.3.0.Final release

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[JBWS-3738] Code cleanup, removal of useless files, re-enabling WSTrustBearerTestCase for WFLY 8 container too

[JBWS-3738] removed unneeded conduit setup.
[JBWS-3738] working bearer test.
[JBWS-3738] (2nd attenpt) unclean code in attempting to resolve bearer test issues.
[JBWS-3773] Fixing exclude

[JBWS-3738] Some changes & cleanup for the bearer scenario with supporting token only on service endpoint policy + usual symmetric binding with UT on sts policy. Still need to check keystores' contents etc

[JBWS-3738] unclean code in attempting to resolve bearer test issues.
[JBWS-3773] Excluding test

[JBWS-3773] Adding testcase

[JBWS-3738] Adding tests to exclude-integration-tests-unlimited-strength-related profile

Fixing poms

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Tagging jbossws-cxf-4.3.0.CR2

Fixing poms

Fixing poms

Tagging jbossws-jboss720 4.3.0.CR2

  1. /container/jboss72/tags/jbossws-jboss720-4.3.0.CR2
Tagging jbossws-wildfly800 4.3.0.CR2

Fixing pom.xml

Use released jaxws-undertow-httpspi

Tagging jbossws-common 2.3.0.CR2

[JBWS-3772] Fixing default value

[JBWS-3736] Fixing testcase

[JBWS-3767] Avoid throwing/catching exception when JASPIC is not available (performance issue) - server side

Further increate test timeout to prevent failures on Hudson host due to slow cpu

[JBWS-3736] Fixing build