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[JBPAPP-10549] Fix for jaxws 2.1 additions

[JBWS-3787]:Upgrade to Apache CXF 2.7.11
JBPAPP-10869, extra fix for JBWS1172TestCase
JBPAPP-11082, last r18575 is wrong, serialVersionUID change is indispensable, correct it back
[JBPAPP-11084]:Revert jaxws-api version to 2.1.3 to include the jrs181-api.jar in the distribution
JBPAPP-11082, revert serialVersionUID to avoid jaxrpc tests failures
Updating exclusions for AS 7.2

Adding explicit java.inject test dependency as it's not there on AS 7.2

[JBPAPP-10973]:@XmlJavaTypeAdapter ignored at package-info.java level when using Generics;backport CXF-4537
Move JBossWSDestinationRegistryImpl addition to ServerBeanCustomizer (see CXF-5678)

Excluding banned geronimo jta api

Fixing compilation issue after changes in SchemaExtractor.

Enriching [JBWS-3679] testcase to also verify @WebServiceRef injection in a CDI bean

[JBWS-3786] @Resource injection not working on handlers attached to JAX-WS clients running in-container

Fixing issues with SAML signatures in WS-SecurityPolicy Examples testcase

Temporarly moving to wss4j and santuario snapshots

Adding commons-codec dependency to wss4j module

Setting proper new wss4j dependency version

    • -3
    • +23
Temporarly moving to cxf 3.0.0-SNAPSHOT

- Adding jasypt to wss4j module

- Adding jaxb dependency to xmlsec module

- Fixing tests with embedded spring

- Adding neethi dependency in wss4j module

- Adding woodstox dependency in cxf impl module

- Moving cxf-core.jar in cxf api module for now

Make the testsuite compile

Fixing the wss4j and xmlsec modules to let the AS boot with the new stack

Initial changes to use Apache CXF 3.0 dependency and have the jbossws-cxf stack at least compile with it (WIP)

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[JBWS-3764] fix of leaks of HRef.
Minor fix: no need to use AtomicLong
Wait WFLY-3187 merge and temporarily exclude MixedTypeTestcase
Removed unneeded ver stmt in picketlink-common and picketlink-federation.
build to 5.0.0-SNAPSHOT

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