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Move to maven-assembly-plugin 2.5.3

Use latest jbossws-native

Fix MultipartContentTypeTestCase
Move to CXF 2.7.15-SNAPSHOT

[JBWS-3868] Prepare for moving to Apache CXF 3.0.4

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  1. … 40 more files in changeset.
[JBWS-3668] Fix previous commit

[JBWS-3668] forgot to delete an old test

Merging arquillian branch:

- [JBWS-3668] Arquillian integration

- new build

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Properly clean up sources (also clean stuff in cxf-spring-tests)

Removing unused imports and files

Move out of snapshots for jbossws-common-tools

Fix groovy NPE for wildfly800
[JBWS-3824] code added to generate manifest-only jar file for both wsprovide and wsconsume.
Fix bunch of failures run with fast profile;More clean up
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Removed obsolete code
Fix UsernameTestCase
Copy pre-configured application-roles.properties and application-users.properties file into standalone/configure directory
Fix test failures
Fix SignTestCase
Fix ServletTestCase
corrected Archive type def
fixed port reference
fixed port references
Remove obsolete code
Revert to previous code.
Added default security-domain JBossWS
mapped the port to the new address.
mapped the port to the new address.